Essays About Mock Trials

The mock trial gave them the opportunity to ask questions regarding our legal system and how it functions.They were curious as to why the jury made the decision rather than the judge, and they desperately wanted to know what the function of the bailiff was.The jury members take notes, and at times, ask the judge to have a witness repeat their testimony.They then are responsible to leave the room and deliberate, debate and ultimately come to a unanimous verdict.Eventually, Romeo slays Tybalt and he falls to the floor and dies.Romeo runs away in agony before the Prince soon arrives at the scene of the fight with all the other citizens that were awakened by this fray to see what happened.According to California Criminal Code 192, “Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice.” (Penal sec.

If a student was absent during the run-up to the mock trial, they could come in and instantly have a role and actively participate.

Perhaps the most burning question they had was: It lead to a deep discussion as to why the jury couldn’t just pick the side they liked best.

They really struggled with the concept of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” They were fascinated and wanted to know more.

Of course every teacher feels this way when we are about to take a risk in our classrooms.

I’m happy to report that this risk paid off – students and teacher were well-behaved and learned a lot.

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