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I chose to report on France because it is an interesting county and I wanted to learn more about it.France is located in Western Europe and has an area of approximately 211,000 square miles.

Aside from classroom exercises and formal writing assignments, the dissertation is a major part of the BAC exam, which highschool students must pass to enter into university or secondary studies.Currently, the production of natural gas and sulfur is being developed.During the 16th century, Protestantism spread across France leading to a number of religious and civil wars.France is a very important nation in Europe and it continues to be involved in contemporary policy issues.Helping the world as one of the great trading nations, France is a very important trading partner with the United States.France’s equivalent to the American standard five-paragraph essay, ‘la dissertation’ adheres to a structure unfamiliar to most.The format for the dissertation is as follows: introductory paragraph, thesis paragraph, antithesis paragraph, and concluding paragraph.France soon fell into the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte, who ruled from 1799-1814, first as consul, then as emperor.Napoleons far fetched military ventures ended in 1815 with his downfall.The French Alps are located in the east where snow capped peaks, such as Mont. About one-half of Frances total border is formed by coastline, with the Mediterranean Sea on the Southeast and the Atlantic and the English Channel on the west and northwest.Many rivers and canals run through France forming a vast network, tying different regions and cities together.

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