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My dad taught me to always honor our police and our firefighter and our soldiers fighting not only for our community but for our country! I really think that as long as we all get along and help one another and look at each other the same no matter how different we really are we can all be the same deep down.We are all humans and we should all be looked at equally.Recycling is not so popular in our community but we need to start doing it.All the littering, helping pick up litter even if we don’t know who threw it just picking it up helps and also looks nicer. We don’t realize it but all these little things would help our community and it doesn’t require too much of our time.Graffiti is another thing that our community is suffering from. I was taught to appreciate what I have in my life and my community is one of those many things.I appreciate my school and the teachers in it that help our community with education.Day event held at the Hamtramck High School Community Center. Cook’s class, and when he’s not honing his writing skills he likes playing soccer with his dad.Here’s his essay: “How we can take pride in our community” The first way that I would start to take pride in my community is to get along with all the different people that live in our community.

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He read his essay at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr.Our police and our firefighters should be more appreciated than they actually are.They go out the everyday risking their lives to save ours.The key phrase is ‘a clear description of the contents without reproducing them in detail’.This means, for example, that an abstract will include a statement of the hypothesis the writer set out to test and the way that she gathered the data to do this.This alone would help us to take pride in our community.Also, helping the homeless and poor people that we see on street corners.An abstract is a condensed or abbreviated version of a complete work.It gives a clear description of the contents without reproducing them in detail and is usually somewhere between 100 and 300 words in length.That way there would not only be more police on our streets but also less pollution in our air that we breathe.I understand that most cities cannot afford more police but we need to cut back in other areas that we don’t need so much and use that money to help with safety and hire more police to protect the community.

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