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Lenin and Trotsky's ability in October 1917 to "pick the Revolution up off the street," if not guaranteed, certainly was facilitated by the disaster on the Eastern Front (Lovell).In understanding why USA succeeded in destruction of USSR, it is essential to remember that in the 20th century USSR experienced two World Wars, and each time after the end it should reconstruct its potential after huge people, economic and territorial losses while USA experienced minimum losses of all countries participants after two wars.The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 some 70 years after its grimly riveting and highly expectant Marxist-Leninist beginning ranks alongside World War I as the two most singularly pivotal events of the Twentieth Century.In a sense, both are conjoined, with the War providing the decisive finishing blow to what remained of both the totteringly indecisive Romanov dynasty and centuries of turgid, slow-to-change Russian autocracy.USA obtained strategic dominance over the world during the war with Japan blowing atomic bombs upon it, and this lead to the fact that American military forces began to plan preventive attack on the USSR.

Arms race includes development of new systems and implementation of innovations.Arms race as the separate notion appeared at the end of the 19th at the beginning of the 20th century.It refers to the rivalry and competition in the most science-driven and technologically complicated field of economy- in the military industry.When one country invented or developed some type of weapon, other was using all financial and labor force to obtain the same or even better.Even though this race later on was “ex gratia” stopped by signing of a series of treaties, it greatly broke the economy of the USSR. The SALT I agreements also proved valuable for another reason. Scouring through the data, a stern but brilliant military officer named Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov was able to determine how the Americans were getting their satellite intelligence.First, common arms race involves huge amount of financial resources.Second, apart from creation of different arms type, arms race presumes creation of particular economic, production and technological chains which demand high level of economy and management at the governmental level development, demand highly professional supporting working staff, which in its term involves high claims to the education level and fundamental science in the country, and finally are not easily reoriented to the other type of the production.In order to answer the question whether the arms race contributed to the decline of the Soviet Union it is necessary to understand the reasons which led to fall of the Soviet Empire and its structure.In the USSR constitutions united republics were endued with government sovereignty and with an exclusive right to exit the body of Soviet Union.And even though during the World War II United States had the greatest direct military expenses, its national wealth for the period had increased for more then 20%.Arms race was destructive for USSR also for the reason that its economy was less effective then that of USA, which succeeded in more efficient use of new achievements of scientific and technological revolution.

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