Essay Writing On Social Media Grad School Essay Format

In such a way, You Tube offers business opportunities for users that stimulates the development of diverse channels to meet current demands of the public or create new ones.

You Tube has become a highly influential media which is extremely popular among users worldwide.

In such a way, the performativity of You Tube has a dubious effect, since, on the one hand, You Tube performativity makes it attractive and powerful social media allowing sharing visual data by users worldwide, while, on the other hand, You Tube performativity has a de structive impact on the existing legal and socio-cultural or ethical norms because often data published on You Tube violate basic rights, such as privacy or copyright, and offend existing ethical norms.

At the same time, social media became generators of the mainstream culture and new trends.

At the same time, the distinct feature of You Tube is its perfomrability because it is the performativity of videos that attracts users and the more performable a video is the more users will watch it, the more popular it becomes.

Even though You Tube focuses on sharing videos mainly, the social media still opens wide opportunities for users to share their creative ideas and make them performable.

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