Essay Writing And Comprehension

I realize and appreciate that students of different ages and different circumstances learn in different ways.I value the importance of developing effective, personalized study skills and solid study habits.For understanding a passage, one should know the meaning of words, which means a good ‘vocabulary’ or word- list. Questions on ‘Comprehension’, which is also known as an ‘Unseen’ exercise, can only be answered by someone, who grasps the meaning of the passage, as well as the purpose of the questions in the exercises. Read the questions and try to follow what is asked.3. Traditionally, students learn through their senses, primarily through visual and auditory modes.

My husband and I noticed a change in Jake’s attitude towards school almost immediately. Many students struggle with organization, time management and prioritization skills that are required in an academic environment.I can engage with your child’s natural learning style to help him or her work more efficiently and manage digital distractions.Give a suitable title to the passage, if asked for.1. When you are asked to give a title to the passage, try to find it out. I am comfortable and well-equipped to handle a wide variety of subject matter and emotional issues. Not everyone fits the typical “school mold.” Grades often do not reflect a student’s aptitude and innate abilities.The typical school model only teaches in one way and generally does not make room for different kinds of learners.Tutoring is an important tool to help a student discover his or her natural ability to learn, to achieve, to excel and to have a fulfilling academic experience.Since not all students fit the school mold, some fall through the cracks. I tailor my instruction to your child’s interests and strengths.I view the tutoring relationship as a collaborative effort between the student, the parent, the teacher and me.There appears to be something in the dynamic of the parent/child relationship that makes it difficult to work with your own child.

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