Essay Writing About Circus Jian Business Plan

The Ringling Brothers say they never beat their animals to force them to learn their routines but ASPCA found former circus employees that have reported, “Seeing animals beaten, whipped and denied food and water, all to force them to learn their routines” (Circus Cruelty).Other training methods circuses use are whips, electric prods, hitting, and poking.

The lack of socialization results in endless boredom that can cause emotional stress and frustration for the animal.

A fired lion handler said, “Circus officials would not stop the train to cool the animal off despite reports by him and another handler that the 2-year-old lion, named Clyde, and other animals were suffering from intense heat” (Marc Kaufman).

The circuses don’t care about animals, only getting to the next show site on time to make their money.

Animals shouldn’t have to live with such abuse day after day just to create a performance.

Circus animals receive a lack of exercise when they are on the road traveling that can cause physical stress.

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