Essay World Environment Day

That is really bad for their health and our planet. If you didn’t already, tag me with a post of what you will do to help stop air pollution! World Environment Day is all about working together to take action for the planet, so try to get everyone you know interested in helping make a difference.Something as small as making sure people have a way to recycle in your school can make a difference.You could also try beautifying your neighborhood by planting gardens, learn about organic and local foods, or raise money for a local wildlife and conservation charity or simply learning about the effects of different products on the earth.

Like every year, this year World Environment Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

The theme is selected to create consciousness about Air pollution and reduce air pollution.

The United Nations Environment Program declared this theme the previous year.

Many organizations organize World Photography Day contest to motivate photographers.

and was created to inspire people around the globe to become active about the environment and learn more about ways they can help to ensure the future of our planet is safe. The very first World Environment Day took place in 1973, inspired by the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that took place the year before starting on June 5th.

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