Essay The Kite Runner Redemption Student Homework

Rahim Khan understands that it is God who readily forgives those who ask for forgiveness, but it is people who have a hard time forgiving.

Thus, the only way complete forgiveness can occur is when one forgives oneself, and that will only occur when one has truly attempted to atone for the mistakes that one has made.

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We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.Yet the person who speaks most poignantly about the nature of forgiveness is Rahim Khan.In his letter, he asks Amir to forgive him for keeping Baba's secret but also writes explicitly "God will forgive." Rahim Khan is confident that God will forgive all transgressions, and he encourages Amir to do so, too.For most of the novel, Amir attempts to deal with his guilt by avoiding it.But doing this clearly does nothing toward redeeming himself, and thus his guilt endures.Love Every relationship in The Kite Runner is strained at one point or another, thus providing multiple examples of the complexity of various types of love.Hassan's love for Amir is selfless, while Amir's for Hassan is mostly selfish.His plan does not work quite the way he wants it to. His plan does not work quite the way he wants it to.Baba forgives Hassan and Ali, but they choose to leave willingly, making Amir feel even worse about what he has done.Amir then moves to America with Baba and begins a new life.Despite the new atmosphere and passage of time, Amir is still filled with a sense of guilt as an adult.

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