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There is a long tradition of research on sports and socialization.

The roots of this research are grounded in theories that explain the role of play in child development, in Progressive era notions that team sports constituted an environment in which valuable lessons could be learned, and in popular twentieth century assumptions that playing sports was an inherently character building experience.

Most importantly was the multidimensional approach towards the child, tailoring rehabilitation programs which best fit his specific situation.

In some cases, however, young offenders were tried in criminal courts, as some still happens today.

All those factors and others imply that the juvenile justice system should be coherently different from the adult criminal justice system.

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The structured experiences embodied in competitive sports were seen by many people in Western Europe and North America – especially suburban parents in the United States – to be ideal contexts for adult-controlled socialization of children.

Since the mid-1990s, which is considered as all-time period of juvenile imprisonment, the number of inmates under 18 years of age has dropped in incremental rate, in terms of both new admissions and proportion of the general inmates’ population (Hartney, 2006).

Nonetheless, despite the positive results of the punitive policies during the last decade, other findings may imply that this line may worsen the situation in the long run.

fashion brands) would be prone to theft, as he perceives the product as a critical (i.e. The same holds true for other types of criminal offence such as drug abuse and violence.

Second, minors are typically less experienced; therefore, their perception about good and bad differ from adults, and they are much more sensitive to manipulations.

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