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In essence, self-analysis, allows managers have more strength to handle tough situations that may occur in the future.

Self-analysis allows managers familiarize themselves with their work places and discern the sections that need modifications (Rothstein, 2010 pp.35).

Beneficial attributes of self-awareness emanate from various avenues.

As such, persons need to understand and utilize......

Analysts argue that individuals are bound to have flaws in their personalities; a factor that may cause a lot of predicaments in their lines of work.

It is worse still, when individuals notice the possibility of hitches and not make any efforts to improve on their weaknesses.

In line to this argument, therefore, it is important that self-analysis and self-development be regarded as the best paraphernalia towards successful business operations by managers.

According to Colbert and Bono (2005, pp.200), self-analysis is a methodology that an individual undertakes in an endeavor to understand their own individualities, emotions and conducts.

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Rees and Porter (2008, pp.274) argue that, continuous self-development is a process of search for answers and feedback, as well as, setting goals that are directed towards coming up with purposes of development of individuals.Through self-analysis, individuals are able to weigh their weakness, avoid culpabilities that may emanate from their weaknesses, as are able to handle them.On the other hand, it is only through, self-analysis that, individuals can utilize their strengths to the maximum.If individuals have no self-identity, it automatically becomes an uphill task trying to establish a rapport between them and the other workmates.It is also through self-analysis that, individuals have total control of their actions.Self-development is self-directed and requires the individual to be dynamic in order, to grasp concepts that relate to their line of duty.Future manager with self – analysis and continuous self – development According to Meyer (2001, pp.7) self-analysis allows managers establish the roots of their weaknesses whilst in their jobs.I did have some concepts of retirement and saving for a rainy day, but nothing immediate.But then about three years into my job, I really started thinking about going for higher studies in the United States.It was not that I thought their universities were better than ours or their quality of education.I just wanted to experience the culture of the......educational functions and is responsible for a wide range of activities from registration to planning and execution.

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