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Generally, this involves starting with an introduction (also known as a thesis) that both catches the reader’s attention and summarizes what is going to be discussed.Then, they transition into the body of the essay, where each paragraph will cover a single point or a relevant example that addresses the topic.

If your child wants to impress the scholarship committee, they need to make sure they use the proper structure when writing their essay, no matter what topic is being covered.

To create an effective scholarship essay, your child will need to look beyond simply getting their degree. Once your student has an idea of where they want to go, they need to explain how the scholarship can enable them to get there.

For example, giving them the ability to attend a school with a rigorous and respected program in a relevant field that would otherwise be unaffordable could be a pertinent point.

When your child writes a scholarship essay, the scholarship committee is their target audience.

After all, these are the people who select the winner, so catering the content to them can help your student force a stronger, more meaningful connection with the committee members.

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