Essay Role Of Computer In Banking

Without computers companies will find it difficult store thousands of records that are made on a daily basis.

Take for instance, what will happen to a customer checking his or her balance, or one who just want to have information on transactions made.

Its invention involved hard work dedication and determination, and in the end it paid off.

The world was and is still being changed by computers.

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Blaise Pascal is credited with the first digital machine that could add and subtract.Today, almost everything that people engage in makes use of a computer.Take for instance, the transport sector: vehicles, trains, airplanes, and even traffic lights on our roads are controlled by computers.Many versions of calculators and computers borrowed from his ideas.And as time went by, many developed more needs, which lead to modifications to bring about new and more efficient computers (Edwards 4).In the field of medicine, pharmacies, will find it hard in determining the type of medication to give to the many patients.Computers have also played a role in the development of democracy in the world.However, the use of computers has generated public discourses whereby people have emerged with different views, some supporting their use and others criticizing them (Saimo 1).To better understand how computers influence the lives of people, we will have to start from the history, from their invention to the present day.This article discusses the influence of computers on the everyday life of human beings.One can guess what will exactly happen if the world had no computers.

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