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Klier argues that, there is a large amount of information freely available in addition to the mass media, and that people can choose among them.Another researcher, Doyle explains how mass media uses the cultural selection theory to bring about social change [9].However, he also stated that, there are underlying functions accompanying each of these.The underlying function of investigation is that the media provides news and data.This paper studies how the mass media industry has developed and progressed in terms of the accessibility, influence, and impact on the society.Surveys and interviews were conducted to collect data.

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The media have relayed information to the people about the country's five year plans, development programs, and education systems, and this has motivated people to become partners in the progress of the country.

Further attention is required because many historically relevant events have occurred recently in Bhutan, such as, the second democratic elections in 2013, the building of community centers to improve the accessibility of information, and enhanced media and communication technologies.

This paper attempts to provide an account of how media accessibility, its influences, and its impact have progressed over the years and provide policy recommendations.

Related article at Pubmed, Scholar Google Visit for more related articles at Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism The information and views communicated through the mass media have a great impact on our daily lives, and for Bhutan, this is a new experience.

Television and the internet were launched only in 1999 and, thereafter, the Bhutanese public has become increasingly connected with various forms of mass communication.

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