Essay Revenge Of Media Psychology In The Media Essay

The key to reducing the backlash effect is to only use force when it is broadly viewed as legitimate, which means when it is based upon moral principles in which all parties believe.

In other words, force must be more than an excuse for pursuing purely selfish objectives.

Ri VAL, the Re Imagining Value Action Lab, publishes VAGABONDS a series of peer-reviewed occasional working-papers aimed at activating and exciting the radical imagination.

This is what we refer to as the "backlash effect," the tendency of the victim group to lash out against the threatening party once it has gained the power and means to do so. The threat of embargo was intended not to deter Japan from taking some considered action, but to compel them to withdraw from a current activity. threatened Japan with an oil embargo unless Japan withdrew from China.However, rather than withdraw from China and abandon its imperialist aspirations, Japan chose to attack the U. while it still had the oil reserves needed to wage war.George argues that in this case "coercive diplomacy provoked the adversary into a decision for war." -- From Parties in conflict, especially parties with considerable power, tend to assume that they can prevail quickly and easily by using threats and/or force.The level of resentment and resulting backlash are likely to increase dramatically when the force used is seen as illegitimate or immoral---as is often the case if it is seen as unwarranted, excessive, or unnecessary.If, for example, the police were to threaten innocent drivers with reckless driving charges as a means of extracting bribes, this would widely be seen as illegitimate.VAGABONDS texts must be radical, must be rigorous and must be resonant, aimed at breaking with convention and offering new ideas that are in fruitful dialogue with the key social justice struggles of our age.The series is named in honour of all those dispossessed people–commoners, fugitives and Indigenous–whose chosen or unchosen routes and passages were and are criminalized by the powerful. While the threatened party may do what is required of them over the short term, they are likely to initiate an intense search for effective resistance strategies.In some cases they may pretend that they are submitting to the demands of the party who is threatening them, while in reality they are doing as they wish and plotting for future revenge.

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