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Macbeth is a play full of darkness, evil, and tragedy.

It is the story of a man who goes against his conscience and commits a horrible deed which leads to his destruction and loss of everything he has around him.

She is seen by some as a woman of strong will who is ambitious for herself and who is astute enough to recognise her husband's strengths and weaknesses, and ruthless enough to exploit them.

They see her in her commitment to evil and in her realisation that the acquisition of the Crown has not brought her the happiness she had expected, and finally, as one who breaks down under the strain.

In Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth serves as the main influence in Macbeth's life.

Lady Macbeth being the strong one yet as a duo, he... In my opinion, the answer to this cruelty shown by Macbeth is his "mutual greatness" promised to Lady Macbeth.

She mentions that he should not let his true side be revealed, explaining that he should "look like the innocent flower, / But be the serpent under't" (I.v.64-65).

The further deterioration of Macbeth and in particular, his relationship with Lady Macbeth is capable of fulfilling the prophecy and she is certain that the "valour of my tongue" will persuade him.

Lady Macbeth was manipulative and overpowering in their relationship.

She was more violent and ambitious than her husband, Macbeth.

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