Essay Rallycross 2010

While the plane is doing its rounds, up to 65 cameras are rolling on the ground.There's one at both the start and finish lines, ten along the stage, and three to four on-boards per car.Those tiny CCTV units are tuned and upgraded by the crews for this application.There's also the one on the helicopter, flying 45 to 60 minutes for every stage, costing roughly 0,000 per rally.

What's for sure is that the Chilean coast (and the hills 2000 feet above), as well as Japan get their event next year, while Kenya's much refined Safari Rally is set for 2020.Hardcore fans have over 400 hours of footage available to them after each rally, with on-boards from at least three angles from every car.That's why the crew leaves camp 15 terabytes heavier each time. Mexico and Argentina will be joined by a race in Chile next year, while Canada is high on the WRC's list of future priorities, since they want another snow rally to please tire manufacturers.It takes two days to build the studio, and once the action starts Thursday evening, all cameras send their signals to the plane above, which then combines their feeds into a single compressed file before sending it down to the studio, where it gets unzipped and processed in real time.The instant footage means WRC can finally offer what Moto GP, F1 and NASCAR had all along, reaching a bigger audience and keeping fans happy. Between cars driving by, spectators are glued to their phones, following the action all the way through the stages.They also grabbed the on-boards from the cars at the finish line to create a show that went out hours after the action took place.Up until this year, WRC's team easily got beaten by kids uploading clips to You Tube.WRC's promoters are in constant discussion with the FIA about where they want to see the series in 3-5-10 years.They want to entertain the whole family by creating just enough drama (hence the lack of testing before the Turkish race), but they also need to keep carmakers happy. Competing manufacturers Ford and Hyundai both have factories there. The local fan base is substantial enough to guarantee an audience, the government made sure the infrastructure would be up to the task, and Turkey's rally officials were also able to bring all aspects of their existing race up to WRC levels. Hosting a WRC race requires a strong business plan and a substantial investment from the area. According to Content and Production Director Florian Ruth, there were action crews out there, but they had to send their material back on scooters, then via helicopter. Before WRC live streaming, TV crews had no chance of doing WRC justice.

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