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It was determined that each household would change from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs as they are claimed to use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last ten times longer.

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Installation of Energy Efficient Bulbs The attempt to control global warming and excessive energy consumption, many countries around the world have encouraged the employment of energy efficient light bulbs that cuts the amount of electricity needed for lighting.Before one can establish an action appropriate for an attainable aim the problem must be clearly defined; what may be perceived as the problem may not in fact be the real problem.My parents and other family households within our community for example were continually complaining about high electrical bills, so I sought to identify the exact problem at hand before setting about generating possible solutions for a specific outcome.Results have shown that energy is being consumed and thus electoral bills are reduced but continual monitoring, evaluation, review and if necessary adjustments will be made to ensure the problem is resolved to the most it can be and the aim attained.Each household meets on a monthly basis to consider the outcomes and provide constructive feedback on the entire process. (“Written Assignment 10: Proposing a Solution to a Problem Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.) Written Assignment 10: Proposing a Solution to a Problem Admission/Application Essay.In summary, the problem was identified, useful strategies were determined and applied in a systematic manner and the process necessitates ongoing monitoring to ensure the intended outcomes are not only attained but maintained. Mathematical Discovery: On understanding, learning and teaching problem solving. Retrieved from (Written Assignment 10: Proposing a Solution to a Problem Admission/Application Essay) Written Assignment 10: Proposing a Solution to a Problem Admission/Application Essay. The proposed Technology System The proposed technology is a two way technological change for the company.A plan of action was devised, wherein each household and each family member within that household was responsible for one or more particular tasks relating to the solution and each person was involved in the decision making relating to the action plan.For example, one person in the family was responsible for air conditioning, another for heating and another for appliances.Cuba should likewise take advantage of this opportunity.It is not enough to look for solutions on how to produce sufficient and sustainable energy, but it is also imperative for Cuba to make of its energy effectively and ecologically.

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