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We often have people coming to us for help after being either outright scammed or extremely disappointed with the service they received from another proofreading and editing service provider.

One of the best ways to evaluate if a company is providing a good and honest service is to search for reviews from previous clients.But remember, I’m not here to promote one editor as the absolute best proofreading software.So you can feel confident knowing my reviews are meant to be unbiased and fair.If there are only a small number or no reviews at all, this is a sign to be cautious.Search reputable review sites like Trust Pilot for company names or service types.This is bad for everyone in the industry because it makes potential clients wary of ordering proofreading services online.As such, we have written a checklist of considerations you should make before choosing a proofreading service to ensure that it is both:1) Safe, secure and reliable2) Providing a quality service Analyse any proofreading services you are thinking of using against the five following considerations to be sure you will not be left disappointed with your choice.Pay Pal, for example, offer buyer protection and is a safe and secure way to make payments.They accept debit and credit cards and do not require registration.A Google search of ‘company name reviews’ should provide some links to reviews. That is, reviews on websites that are not owned by the company.If there are lots of positive reviews then this is obviously a good sign.

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