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Millay used an additional personification in her poem which was used to personify the rain: “…I miss him in the weeping of the rain…” (Millay, 3).Poetic Devices By: Anonymous William Shakespeare – A Fairy Song " A Fairy Song " by William Shakespeare is about how a man is compassionate for his work. It seems like it is dealing with the waters of how he is flowing over mountains for his ‘ Fairy Queen ’ or job.Each poet used a similar array of poetic devices to express this theme.Visual imagery was one of the illustrative poetic devices used in the compositions.Millay also used personification in her poem, “Time Does Not Bring Relief”.Personification was used to communicate the role time played in her life during her loss: “Time does not bring relief; you all have lied/ Who told me time would ease me of my pain…” (Millay, 1-2).This could be a metaphor of making decisions during the fall of your life or when you are getting older.In the beginning, the woods are yellow meaning in the autumn. A poetic device used in this poem is personification: “ Because it was grassy and wanted wear ” He means, The grass wanted wear but the grass does not have feelings or needs, so…...

But it seems like he would take his job over anything.

This poem has a little bit of rhyme scheme and rhyme.

The poetic devices are repetition and personification.

Analogy: Another word for similar Iambic Pentameter: Words that sound pleasing to the ear.

Dramatic Irony: It is is something that the audience knows but not the character acting on the stage. Blank Verse: Verse without rhyme, especially that which uses iambic pentameter.

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