Essay Poem Analysis

However, on the off chance that you have to choose a poem yourself, choosing the right poem can make learning how to analyze a poem much, much easier.

The vast majority of the time, your instructor will tell you which poem to analyze.

Note that you would not use the above summary in an essay.

However, putting a poem in your own words can really help you understand the feeling of the poem and what the author is trying to convey.

For a longer poetry analysis (3-5 pages), you might want to choose two or three literary devices that explicate your theme.

When you write your thesis, you might find this template helpful: Here, it is important that you are specific.

When you are searching for a theme in your poem, look for concepts or notions that seem to pop up several times.

Since one of the words in each stanza does not rhyme with anything, it could be said that the poet has isolated one word in each stanza, which demonstrates the loneliness the speaker talks about in the content of the poem.(Wow! )Mark where the literary device occurs in the poem and keep those notes for later.

Essentially, a good thesis statement becomes a one-sentence outline of your paper.

Here’s what my thesis statement for my “Desert Places” analysis might look like: This would be a great thesis statement for a short poetry analysis (1-2 pages).

Here are some examples of literary devices you could be looking for: There are many more literary devices to choose from; see a longer list here.

I would suggest choosing one or two devices for most essays.

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