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The paper will look at the instances where the community commits actions that are by far seen to be in just under the presence that they are committing a good cause.

The paper will examine the various instances when the justice in defeated by the conventionalism that the society is accustomed to.

Hurting the victims is seen as a move towards the reduction of the drug menace in the street too.

However, this is just but a display of the power of the leaders.

This means that the government is just perpetrating more injustices in the future through the approaches that the police and political elites in towns and in the cities adopt.

The only remedy of the vicious cycle of injustice in the society is by changing the approaches towards the users of the hard drugs where it is more accommodative and understanding than it is now.

However, to the common person, the approach is perfect since it is seen as a forward step towards the cleaning up of the streets.In most of the cases, the drug raids are undertaken in the times when the society is going to an election period.This means that the political class is not keen on the attainment of a long terms solution to the drug problem.Behind the pleasant smiles of the politicians and the promises of doing something on the drug, issue on the street there is many personal interests involved.The very act of cleaning the streets as a means of improving the street is representative of the different conflicting interests of the powerful members of the society.When it comes to this point, the definitions of the actual means of justice fail.The injustice that is committed behind this smoke screen always ends up replicating in the future since the only possible product of injustice is injustice.On the contrary, it means that the status quo is good for the leaders since it provides them with another item on their political manifestos.The same politicians are known to cut deals with the big members in the drug trade.a) The war on drugs is a major practice all over the communities that live in the urban areas.The police are always out looking for the people that perpetrate this trade in the poor sections of the cities (Plato. Sometimes the police are seen to be reluctant with the provision of a universal and an all lasting solution to the menace.

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