Essay Patriarchy Violence

It is important to me, specifically, because it was the first form of literature that I, and many other people who went to institutions which offered isi Zulu, came across in primary school.

Further than those alarming threats to gender equality, we also made clear why the CADTM identifies with the feminist struggle in its mission to fight all kinds of dominations.I will respect your right to believe what you choose, but if you use your belief systems to spread the aforementioned ills or other oppressions, then I will be compelled to wage an art and literature war against it.The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials.It is inconceivable to perceive the existence of homosexual men in such a context because the ceremony vehemently condemns their existence and its concentration on masculinity specifically perpetuates violence against the LGBT community.I do, however, have a problem with people who use them to further their hate, patriarchy, unfair sexism, abuse, homophobia, dehumanization of others, tyranny, and ignorance, amongst other awful things that the world does not need.Just as decolonisation is required in current education, it is important that the patriarchy embedded in indigenous knowledge be treated with the same contempt as the whiteness in pedagogical applications, though the thoughtlessness of politics would dictate otherwise.Patriarchy within African literature is nothing unique, of course.The influence of which can be ascertained by reading reports of sexual abuse: South Africa is affectionately known as one of the While patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, homophobia, and transantagonism were not “formed” through mere laws and doctrines, they have certainly been sustained and exacerbated by them all the more.I believe words exist to strengthen beliefs and are subject to abuse, as history suggests.These was not only made absolute, but was also in collusion with the state in suppressing attempts of self-determination, repatriation, and the idea of indigenous laws.What is frequent in the parlance of Black South African men today is no different from what was propounded by their forefathers who acted on the influence of white hegemony.

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