Essay On World Without Flowers

Drag a new line until the bottom of the sea from the top of the mountains. We have to make a world for everyone and everyone is for the whole world.

And bind the people around the world with such thread of love that no one break it.

Certain plants have chemicals which when isolated in a lab, can help treat people suffering from different diseases.

Thus, life without plants is unimaginable and impossible.

Cultures differ dramatically so immigrants upset locals simply by the way they live. But nobody can force change, it evolves over time because on of the certainties is there will always be change.

Sects within religions don't agree and of course some religions mistrust to the point of hate.

Life without plants would be a difficult and unimaginable life. Without plants, the playgrounds, lawns and gardens would be mere solid ground.

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There are millions of vegetable, fruit and seed producing plants which are used by people for food. Few ridges drown on mother earth, which divide hearts, create hatred among the people, relationship violet and sometimes raise conflicts too. "A worthless peace of paper." I want to meet the people of the whole world. I want to swim like a fish, fly like a bird and to blow like a fresh air. Tears in exchange of happiness and hate rather than love. Household energy in the form of charcoal and wood are provided by the plants.Hundreds and thousands of people would perish without the availability of this fuel source. I very much like how you illustrate the wondrous nourishing bounty of fabulous nature. Nature does offer an infinity of ecstasy to all of us. Again, your essay is beautifully written, but I think the world you speak of is immpractical Well Aabis, I haven't enjoyed some of the borders that I've crossed, but there's too much against the utopia you long for. Within races there is tribalism and distrust among the tribes. Think, if there is no boundaries, there are no countries, no cities. In the state of the world right now, borders are necessary because they separate countries who would not be compatible with each other. Your essay is beautifully written, but it is unpractical because of the fact that there are many cultures in this world, all with different goals for themselves and humanity, and often come into conflict with each other. A world where there is no borders and there is no war on it. The world which you illustrate is a utopia that is surely unattainable.

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