Essay On Why Weed Should Be Legal

Others may see it as a film with some underlying bit of truth to the dangers of marijuana.

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The broad topic of medical marijuana lends itself to all types of papers.Or you might look at medical marijuana from a scientific angle to examine its properties and varied uses for medicinal purposes.No matter how you decide to narrow your topic for a medical marijuana essay, it helps to have a broad base of understanding.This article explains 10 reasons that Kevin Sabet believes medical marijuana should not be legalized.Sabet is a University of Florida professor and the director of the drug policy institute at the university. Ten reasons to vote against medical marijuana in Florida. Retrieved from article explains the stance of leading pediatricians regarding medical marijuana.Try writing about stories about marijuana use and how it has affected people (either positively or negatively).In this type of paper, be sure to use examples from your research—unless, of course, you’re writing a narrative essay.What comes to mind when you hear the words “marijuana user”?Some people may automatically think Reefer Madness and see the film as an extreme exaggeration of users.He argues that use of marijuana, for him, is not about recreation but about survival. Though some doctors agree on the potential benefits of the drug, many are concerned that not all children are helped by the drug.He feels that the laws surrounding marijuana and its legalization are unjust. “Medical Marijuana: A Personal Story, A Personal Tragedy.” Daily Star-Journal, NPG Printing, 18 Sep. Many doctors also worry that, because marijuana sales often aren’t strictly regulated, parents could be putting their children in danger.

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