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Water polo and soccer are not too different from each other as people would believe.

Soccer is a sport widely known and loved throughout Europe, but little in the United Just like soccer, water polo is extremely popular within Europe, but in the States the demand for the sport is not as high.

Played on grass or turf fields with two teams of eleven giving all they have for all ninety minutes of the game.

Teams wear matching uniforms so they can tell who is on which team at a glance.

Just like a soccer player would use his or her foot work to get around a defender, the polo player uses moves to break free from the defender and advance down the pool.

Teams will wear matching uniforms, but since they are in water they wear head caps with their number and team color on it, so they can differentiate the players.

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To a new comer these two vicious sports seem drastically different, but when it comes to the basics no two sports could be more alike.

I am also a competitive swimmer and recreational softball, dodgeball, volleyball and inner tube water polo player. Not the kind of athlete with name recognition — I wasn’t a popular quarterback or a basketball player — but an average, dedicated swimmer all the way through high school and college.

When I got to graduate school and the mandatory practices that I’d attended for years evaporated, I found I needed to impose some of the structure and rigor of a sports schedule upon myself.

Players must survive four quarters of seven-minutes, while only being allowed thirty-five seconds to have possession of the ball.

But once that time has expired the ball is handed to the other team.

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