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The only requirement should be that they work and that they be ineligible for any government benefits until they become citizens.

However, I do understand the view point of those who oppose immigration.

No matter how hard they have it, today's immigrants don't run much risk of being scalped, do they?

But the fundamental truth of the immigrant experience is not how hard their new lives are; it is that they fled lives that were worse and that their children have lives that are better.

, mixes them together and pours out a batch of completely predictable, politically correct pabulum. He lives in a gated development, Arroyo Blanco Estates, in Southern California's Topanga Canyon with his equally vile wife and her rotten son.

Delaney is a nature writer in the mode of Annie Dilliard (see Orrin's review).

In addition, immigrants should face a difficult challenge; this guarantees that we will be able to skim off the best of each society, those who are undaunted by such challenges.

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Structurally, satire with it's dependence on exaggeration and caricature requires one of two things; either that the author be sympathetic to all of his characters or to none.This begins a slide--featuring stolen cars, house pets eaten by coyotes, vandalism, wildfires, and so on--which eventually turns Delaney into a leaden parody of a gun toting right wing extremist.Meanwhile, the Rincons have visited upon them a series of near Biblical plagues--rape, fire, blindness, near slavery, flood, slaughter of the first born, and so on; at one point Boyle even compares them to Job, just in case we've missed the point.In the end there is only one message of this book that I can wholeheartedly endorse: regardless of whether you are rich or poor, Southern California is simply a godawful place to live.Twenty-four years ago, in between revolutions, I spent a week in El Salvador.If the author feels at least some affection for all of his targets then his essentially unfair portrayal of them comes with a wink and a nod, letting us know that the satire is merely a means to and end.If he genuinely loathes them all and attacks them with equal ferocity, there is at least some kind of cosmic justice at work.It is undeniably difficult to assimilate these new populations into the broader society and it can cause disruption to existing communities.Moreover, the presence in the economy of people who are willing to do practically any job must inevitably have the eventual effect of holding down wages generally.He considers himself to hold all the "proper" (i.e., "liberal humanist") views on social issues, but these views are put to the test when he strikes an illegal alien with his Acura.The immigrant, Candido Rincon, is hiding out in the canyon, teetering on the verge of starvation, with his pregnant young wife, America.

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