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Car traffic is also dense, completing the impression shared by every tourist of a space always in movement.

But of course, the most famous dimension of Times Square is the spectacle of its gigantic and multicolored signage that dresses up the facades of all the buildings fronting the square.

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The Times Square Business Improvement District (BID), now called the Times Square Alliance, is the institution precisely in charge of the everyday functioning of the site.

The site is a huge commercial center, with more than 600 stores totaling about 150 000 square meters of sale space (BID 1998).

Times Square also shelters one of the busiest subway stations, with 11 lines radiating towards the outer boroughs.

This is how scholars of the "New Times Square" have been able to denounce the Disneyification of a place until then considered as a monument to urban excitement (Boyer 2002; Hannigan 1998).

For Zukin (1995) and Sorkin (1992), it is the opening of the Disney Theater in the old Amsterdam Theater that signaled the transformation of Times Square into a "theme park." These affirmations compare Times Square to privately owned places such as Disneyland where entry is controlled by a fee , and behaviors closely monitored.

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