Essay On The Story Two Kinds

Jing Mei did anything to go against her mother to prove to her mom that she is no longer in control of her, “[Jing Mei] failed her many time, each time asserting [her] will, [her] right to fall short of expectations.

Jing Mei rebelled against her mother she did what she wanted without thinking about the consequences, and without thinking about other people’s feelings.

Maggie was very shy, she didn’t like to cause problems and she wasn’t one to start trouble.

Maggie’s sister and her mother were arguing about a quilt and her mother didn’t want her sister to have it, she wanted to give it to Maggie, but Maggie didn’t want to cause a problem so she tried to resolve the situation by saying “She can have them.

” Maggie is very timid and she feels as if her sister is so much better than her, and she believes that people expect more of her because her sister is doing so well.

As well as her keeping to herself, Maggie always stood by her mother, no matter what the situation was, she would never try and defy her mom like her sister did.While the amount of differences between Jing Mei and Maggie are a lot greater, there are still a few evident similarities. ” It took Jing Mei years for her to begin to understand her mother’s decisions, and how she might have been somewhat selfish, but really only wanted the best for her.Jing Mei was very young and like most other kids, she hated listening to her mother. Comparably, Maggie always stood in the background so she wasn’t used to receiving much attention.After her sister left, she was with her mom “the two of [them] just sat there just enjoying, until it was time to go in the house and go to bed.Instead of Maggie trying to follow her sister she stuck right beside her mom and she didn’t try and rebel like her sister.Her mother had such high expectations, that Jing Mei knew she couldn’t meet, so in return she never tried because she did not see any point.This made her mother angry, and in the end it made her give up on Jing Mei.Maggie never wanted to hurt her mother, unlike Jing Mei, who couldn’t care less if she hurt her mother’s feelings.The two characters, Jing Mei and Maggie were more different than similar.In the short stories “Two Kinds,” by Amy Tan, and “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker, two girls with completely different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities share some similar as well as dissimilar traits.Although Jing Mei and Maggie do share some similarities, in the long run, they have more contrasting components, like their different family life, self-reliance, and self-motivation.

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