Essay On The Problem Of Culture Shock Gospel Music History Essay

For instance, natives are reluctant to provide accurate information for newly arrived people, and they are harassed.

Therefore, laws should be legislated to protect immigrants from harassments.

Hence, small steps can be beneficial in cultural integration and protect against cultural shock.

Some of the ways for immersion are to learn the local language and learn about the local food, customs, and laws.Once a person accepts that there is a difference and acknowledges it, then the process of integration becomes easy.Therefore a mutual respect must be maintained among the immigrants and the natives.Secondly, new immigrants are despised by natives in certain occasions.People come from foreign countries are not familiar with traditions and the customs of the new country.A person moving to a middle eastern culture might experience a form of culture shock when moving to a predominately Muslim country.It would take some time to get used to the canters calling out prayers over a load speaker that can be heard for miles.Another example, especially for Americans, has to do with space.Every culture has its own ideas about personal space.The types of problems a person encounters depends largely on what culture that person came from and what culture they are going to.One example of a cultural difference might be religion.

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