Essay On The Poor Law Psychology Problem Solving Strategies

Knowledge of the law is of course paramount, but it will not be enough alone.

In order to score a high mark for any essay you must use good technique and structure. Essay titles will vary greatly, from long quotes to short, sharp questions.

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That understanding must be applied in a concise, structured and critical manner in order to achieve a top grade. All first class essays will include: Marks will fall into the second class, and then third class, or lower, as these principles are departed from.

Firstly, almost all questions will be alluding to a controversy that you are familiar with.

These questions are asking you to discuss and resolve this controversy through legal analysis, proving your thesis, as discussed in section 3.

While in problem questions, the order of the question will be a failsafe guide in terms of structuring your answer, essays are far more difficult to structure and write.

Because they leave more freedom to the student, you must take far more care over your thesis, arguments and structure.

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