Essay On The Importance Of Saving Water

As you look at the earth u see that Water covers about 70% of earths surface it seems like a lot of water So many of us take water for granted.But About 97% of water are in the oceans and it's too salty for use.Imagine that one day you wake up and there's no water in your house, scary right.It seems like we have enough water for all of us but with the population increasing in a few years we probably wont.We use it for drinking, cooking, cleaning, showering, washing the car, irrigating farmlands, manufacturing-all kinds of things.Can you even imagine what it would be like without water? As you may see water is very important to us and we need it to survive.

That's why it's impotent for us to conserve our water, but no only that also kept it clean.

On the other hand if you less hot water, it will save you on water heating.

Apart from using less water for your daily needs, there are other plenty of ways to conserve water.

We use water daily to water plants, stay alive, wash clothes, provide power, control fire and for many other things.

Water is available in plenty on the earth then why we need to conserve water?

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