Essay On The Battle Of The Somme Introductory Paragraph For An Essay

In spite of his strangeness, Haig was a very efficient soldier and excellent military technician.

On December 19, 1915, Douglas Haig became the new commander of the BEF’s “British Expedition Force” First Army.

The offensive was planned late in 1915 and was intended as a joint French-British attack.

The French Commander in Chief, Joffre, conceived the idea as a battle of attrition, the aim being to drain the German forces Haig took over responsibility from Joffre for the planning and execution of the attack.

The fighting soldiers saw muddy, dirty and filthy trenches littered with the waste of the war.

Inside the trenches there were cart wheels, barbed wires, bodies of the dead soldiers, and human parts scattered everywhere. Some soldiers reported that there were rats as big as cats.

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