Essay On Teacher Communication Convention Collective Des Prothesistes

For example, the Chicago public schools send reports every five weeks to parents of 430,000 students in kindergarten through grade twelve. A related strategy to motivate parent accountability is used by Baltimore, Maryland public schools.

Thus, it is possible to give some advice about the books which are important to be read in families or about definite training activities which can help children adjust to a new schedule.

This type of cooperation help teachers complete their educational objectives, create the informal atmosphere in which children feel comfortably, and parents become interested in their children’s activity.

Thus, the educational process cannot be oriented only toward providing children with the necessary knowledge and developing their skills.

The active cooperation between teachers and families can be also realized when parents take part in the class activities as guests or participate in different celebrations and events.

The parents’ help is necessary for the teacher when the celebration or event is organized.

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