Essay On Target Corporation Ks3 Mathematics Sats Past Papers 2012

Adults (age 26 ' 50) ' This specific group of targets the largest portion of Samsung's target market as this is the group of consumers that have the most ability to purchase any of the product Samsung has to offer in the market be it smartphones, smart television, cameras or any other household products like vacuum cleaners or washing machines.This portion of customers will continue to grow in the years to come.Samsung put their efforts to create new and better design and products, this has been brought Samsung to win many awards and get 17,377 patents worldwide.

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This group of customers is growing as Samsung saw that this group has more spending power in recent years compared to in the past.

Samsung has such as good results in innovation and design because of their co-operation have a team of creative, knowledgeable and experiences people to contribute in the development of technology and Samsung aims to satisfy more consumers with its products and services.

PEST Analysis Political (Legal issues) - Samsung faced several patent lawsuits issues in the smartphone industry in recent years - Samsung protects their intellectual properties by suing competitors and claiming infringements rights on patents design and ideas Economic - Samsung is the top dealer of android smartphones Social -aging demographic -gender -for business or personal usage -life style -population growth rate Technology - World-class cutting-edge technologies across industries, including in IT, semiconductor, telecommunications and imaging.

- Samsung lacks its own OS / software - Focuses on too many variation of products - No focus on one core competency product - Very strong competitors (Eg: Apple) - Samsung has a low profit margin - Products may be deemed as not user friendly at times Opportunity Definition External factors that the company can capitalize on or use for its advantage over others.

- Raising Smartphone Market - Increasing portable promoting industry - Growing interest for quality requisition processors - Evolution of tablets business - Gaining patents through acquisitions Threat Definition External factors that could potentially jeopardize or cause the company to be at a disadvantage over other competition.

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