Essay On Sports

Acrobatic gymnastics on the other hand is a discipline that is carried out by both men and women and it involves a group of three to four individuals that may be mixed in terms of gender performing various routines using their head, feet and even the hands of their various partners.Other forms of gymnastics include the tramp lining and tumbling that may be individualistic, double mini, power tumbling and even synchronized.

We do not want to report any injuries and thus we have to take very tight health measures and also be on stand by just incase our help will be needed.

There are also the team, aerobics and display gymnastics that actually mean exactly what the name spells.

Gymnastics has its origins in the exercises that were performed by the ancient Greeks that entailed skills such as mounting and dismounting a horse, circuses and even skill display.

All the other sub bodies that govern gymnastic practices in various countries are governed by the FIG.

The competition for which I have been selected for involves rhythmic gymnastic that is to take place on the 18th of December 2011 and it is called the Annual Illinois Gymnastic Challenge.

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