Essay On Science And Technology In Today'S Context

So, too, are the private sphere and our leisure time.

Scientific and technological knowledge and skills are crucial for most of our actions and decisions, as workers, as voters, as consumers, etc.

Industrial leaders are worried about the recruitment of a qualified work force.It should, however, be noted that there are large (and interesting) differences between the various European countries and between the different disciplines within science and technology.The fall in recruitment has been particularly marked in physics and mathematics.Hence, there may also be different views on suitable strategies to overcome it.The chapter also offers a critical description of school science and technology education, together with a brief account of some recent international trends.This does, however, not seem to be the case, especially in the more developed countries of Europe and the OECD.The evidence for such claims is in part based on 'hard facts' (educational statistics relating to subject choice in schools, enrolment in tertiary education etc.), in part on recent largescale comparative studies like TIMSS and PISA (described later in this chapter) and in part on research into, and analysis of, contemporary social trends.This lack of interest in science often manifests itself at school level at the age where curricular choices are made.In many countries, there is a noticeable decrease in the numbers of students choosing (some of) the sciences.The trend is consolidated in admissions to tertiary education.A similar trend occurs in some areas of engineering and technology studies.

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  1. The essay was published in three editions: (i) the original, German edition in 1935, The Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproduction; (ii) the French edition in 1936; and (iii) the revised German edition in 1939, from which derive the contemporary English translations of the essay.