Essay On Schools Are No Longer Safe Comparative Analysis Research Paper

Restorative schools work to create space to form trusting, authentic relationships throughout the school community and to deal with conflicts differently than traditional methods.

Program Manager, School Climate and Discipline, Delaware Dept.

The Centers for Disease Control found that 8 percent of all students had fought on school property in the previous 12 months.

Gang violence is perpetrated by a group of students who work together to intimidate or harm others – often without cause.

of Education Brian Moore is the program manager for school climate and discipline at the Delaware Department of Education.

In this role, he works with local schools and school districts to help provide students with a safe learning environment that supports academic growth and success.

He also works with key stakeholders to provide school leaders with training and tools that support a more supportive school climate and works with schools to find alternative solutions to traditional disciplinary issues.

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“Another consideration in this environment is the self-radicalization of young people,” Moore notes.

Physical fighting includes punching, scratching, pushing and other types of physical abuse perpetrated by one student or a group of students against another.

When left unchecked, physical fights can quickly escalate and lead to serious injury and even death.

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that involves unwanted aggressive attacks, but unlike traditional bullying it takes place online.

Cyberbullies use text messages, emails, apps, social media platforms, forums and gaming portals to share embarrassing, mean or damaging content about others.

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