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There are only the slides, which serve as mnemonics for packets of information (and even 'jokes'). The pros include the ability to edit a presentation at will, up to the point where one has finally to leave the speaker ready room and go to the session.

When the slides are removed from trays after the meeting, the "paper" vanishes. It would take a very confident person, indeed, to continue to edit and revise a PP presentation right down to the wire.

While the issue discussed in the linkrot thread is a bit different, the discussion applies here.

I posted my comments from that thread here if anyone is interested in hearing more: File Sharing/ -- Jeffrey Berg (email) To scan a 35mm slide (film) for high-quality printing reproduction at enlarged sizes requires from 5 to 30mb; at its best, the 35mm film slide has a lot of high-resolution information, now just being approached by high-end digital cameras.

The notice I recieved contained this:"Slide projectors continue to be used in many government applications due to a proven track record of cost-effective, reliable, high-quality image projection.

Combining the seven years of service and support with a long history of trouble-free operation, means that slide projectors will continue to enjoy many years of productive use."Now, too much can be made of this.

I have just received, through an e-mail discussion list for archeologists, news that Kodak will discontinue production of the Carousel projector in 2004.

(Operating Environment: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 or higher.

The carousel certainly had its difficulties and inconveniences--loading of slides upside down and backward (is that right?

), munged edges of slides with multiple use (causing the slide to jam), too much light in the room, touchy and very hot light bulbs, some problems with archival quality of slides after repeated projection, and difficult projector/screen relationships in many rooms not originally designed for projectors.

-- Mark Hineline (email) Here is the complete notice: July 14, 2003 Kodak Pre-discloses Plans To Discontinue Slide Projectors and Accessories in 2004 Eastman Kodak Company has confirmed plans to discontinue the manufacture and sales of slide projection products and accessories in June of 2004.

This early disclosure is being made to key user groups in order to allow time for adoption of a replacement technology or purchase of backup slide projector products.

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