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Inquiries are usually held in response to an allegation of misconduct or corruption.The powers, procedures and sanctions vary from country to country.It is frequently described as an account-giving relationship between individuals, e.g."A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about A's (past or future) actions and decisions, to justify them, and to suffer punishment in the case of eventual misconduct".It may not be as easy as one-two-three, but it is a three-step process: Personal accountability is sorely lacking—and urgently needed—in business and across society as a whole. Choose accountability and own your success at work and in life.Jump-start career growth by boosting your competitive skills.Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability.Accountability is an element of a RACI to indicate who is ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the deliverable or task, and the one who delegates the work to those responsible.

Researchers at the Overseas Development Institute found that empowering citizens in developing countries to be able to hold their domestic governments to account was incredibly complex in practice.

Constitution, or statute, can empower a legislative body to hold their own members, the government, and government bodies to account.

This can be through holding an internal or independent inquiry.

Generally, however, voters do not have any direct way of holding elected representatives to account during the term for which they have been elected.

Additionally, some officials and legislators may be appointed rather than elected.

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