Essay On Poverty In New Zealand Ap Essay Grading Scale 1-9

These facts call for action and a response from us all.We invite you to ask questions of your own attitudes, those around you and your community and your leaders.

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In the future, should we choose, we can have an economy that provides a high standard of living in financial and physical terms, in deeply sustainable ways; and we can do so in ways that make sense for who we are as a diverse nation founded on Treaty of Waitangi principles, for the nature of our land and oceans, and for our destiny as a distinctive, tiny country in a teeming world hungry for inspiration and innovation.NZCCSS believes that any poverty measure set lower than this is too low (e.g.the OECD uses a 50% measure for its international comparisons).How we take responsibility or not for The Anthropocene now and over the next few decades will determine everything about our life on Earth, for good and ill.Since there’s no place on the planet to hide from this, even here on these specks of land in the southern reaches of the Pacific Ocean, our life and economy will change radically too here in Aotearoa-New Zealand.Ask yourself – how would I get by if I had to provide for myself and family out of an income less than this?This is the daily reality for hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand.It enabled the evolution of life as we experience it today in its seemingly infinite variety.We humans have only been sowing these seeds of destruction since the start of the industrial revolution 250 years ago.This is truly The Anthropocene, the geological epoch in which humankind is the greatest driver of planetary change, as geologists concluded in their international congress in 2016.Natural phenomena dramatically shaped all earlier geological times in the planet’s 4.5-billion-year history to date.

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