Essay On Personal Presentation Skills

Since I know I’m not the most eloquent speaker in the world, I make up for it by packing my presentations with enthusiasm, unique/proprietary data, and tons of useful content as well as plenty of dumb jokes.We can't all deliver the next Gettysburg Address, but there are lots of small things you can do prior to your presentation that will help calm your nerves and set you up for a better presentation.Smiling increases endorphins, replacing anxiety with calm and making you feel good about your presentation.Smiling also exhibits confidence and enthusiasm to the crowd.

(OK, that last one may be optional.) The more you mix up your position and setting, the more comfortable you'll feel with your speech.

This shows respect for your fellow presenters while also giving you a chance to feel out the audience. Are folks in the mood to laugh or are they a bit more stiff?

Are the presentations more strategic or tactical in nature?

" It may sound strange, but I'll often down an energy drink and blast hip-hop music in my earphones before presenting. It pumps me up and helps me turn jitters into focused enthusiasm.

Studies have shown that an enthusiastic speech can win out over an eloquent one, and since I'm not exactly the Winston Churchill of presenters, I make sure that I'm as enthusiastic and energetic as possible before going on stage.

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