Essay On Park

Unfortunately, The strife, the stress and tension of modern life have made people immune to the beauties of nature.

Their life is so full of care that they have no time to stand and stare.

Parks commonly resemble savannas or open woodlands, the types of landscape that human beings find most relaxing.

Grass is typically kept short to discourage insect pests and to allow for the enjoyment of picnics and sporting activities. To analyze all situations, benefits and risk factor of park should be kept in mind.

It can be used for different types of activities depending on its character.

In Cities Mostly public parks are located where children can play and adults can relaxed. A Public park is an area of open space provided for recreational use, usually owned and maintained by a local government.

Then winter morning and evening joys are different from summer morning and evening joys, and so on.

The people living in small and big houses, in thickly populated areas, often want to move out into the open, fresh air of the parks.Our eyes get comforted and we feel great inner joy.Secondly, a park makes the atmosphere of the whole area around clean and fresh.We have a taste of the freedom of childhood in the fresh, joyful air.Fifthly, a park has joys for us in every part of the day and we can call them morning joys, afternoon joys, evening joys, night joys.Fourthly, some parks provide different kinds of entertainment in different ways.Ve may find there animals and birds in active movement, pastimes and games for children and restaurants and shops with soft background music for young and old people.The trees help in bringing down the temperature a little and give us a moist (slightly wet) feeling.All this makes us healthier, and life really becomes enjoyable and charming.Trees are chosen for their beauty and to provide shade. A Shows graph with negative slope means no of parks decreased with increasing time, Fig. no of trees increased with increasing time and Fig. There always were good reasons for bounding space and there always will be.The ancient reasons for imparking land were both domestic and religious.

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