Essay On Parents Influence On

They are helping us find out our individual aptitudes.Our friends help us in dealing with our problems that we cannot work out alone and help us when we need something.Many individuals, such as parents, teachers, and friends, have a significant effect on lives of individuals.They play a vital role in the life of every person, but amid them, parents have the most imperative effect on our future.

Parents, educators, and friends have made us into what we are at present.

Provided that the child goes to school every day, from Monday to Friday, the child still spends more time with his parents. However, I believe that teachers also affect the behavior of the child.

I strongly believe that parents, friends, and teachers have great effect on a person’s life. They influence us by teaching us how to do things, such as cleaning, cooking, brushing teeth, and many more. Our parents have the responsibility to take good care of us in our home.

Although teachers have influenced me, their influence cannot precede the influence of my parents. I imply that each year a new educator comes into the life of a child as he progresses to the next stage of his studies.

In contrast, a child lives with his parents every day (Road Untraveled, 2012).

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