Essay On New Product Development Process Right To A Clean Environment Essay

Secondly, existing deodorant wipes brands do not have a good balance between the price and quality of their production, and the main competitors of Unilever do not give more attention to this field, which means the competition of deodorant products are less than mainstream personal care products.

Finally, Unilever is an established and reliable brand in personal care market and has great experience about relative products, thus Unilever would not face the challenge of convincing consumers that they are better than a traditional deodorant, which means the cost and risk of entering the market is lower.

After screening ideas, marketers need to embody the detail of ideas to state in meaningful consumer terms, develop the idea into alternative product concepts and determine the most attractive concept to customers (Kotler and Armstrong, 2011).

The selected concept also needs to be tested with some target consumers before further development.

According to the linear view, new product development (NPD) process begins with ideas, proceed with idea screening, concept development and testing, marketing strategy development, business analysis, product development and test marketing, ends when the product actually commercialization and creates wealth (Kotler and Armstrong, 2011).

To bridge the theory into practice, we worked as a team to develop a new, branded product, and formulate the marketing strategy to find and meet the niche market requirement in the UK.

Consumer purchase behaviors are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics (Kotler and Armstrong, 2011). The R-W-W framework asks three fundamental questions about new ideas: ‘Is the market and product real? Based on the idea generation and screening theory, at first our team analysis the feasibility of our new ideas and decide to choose the idea of ‘Freshies’ deodorant wipe within existing company Unilever.Firstly, regular users of deodorant are a huge potential consumer group all over the world, and the deodorant market in the UK has a good momentum of growth.It has high potential for the industry and suits for the image of building a conscious society in the UK. Based on the behavioral and demographic factors, we defined that our market segmentation as 18-34 age group and users of mass deodorant. Problems of commercialization in small technology-based firms. Then we conducted a survey of some in-store deodorant brands and evaluate their sale status.Finally, we did a market research for deodorant sales at online platform such as Amazon and e Bay.After a large number of ideas were created via different sources, managers need to evaluate these ideas and look closely at the prospects in the marketplace.Although the difference of decision criteria may affect the screening of new ideas greatly (Carbomell et al., 2004; Hart et al., 2003), scholars propose a unified R-W-W framework to effectively identify potential problems and control risks. ’ (Day, 2007), and the company should be able to answer all of them before further development the idea.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.

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