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Economists call these factors “differential rents.” Such advantages are often circumstantial and beyond the control of individual owners.In most cases, in fact, the basis for land values is created by the community, e.g., changes in land use plans or investments in infrastructure that affect the value of the site.The driving forces behind this development are – besides the usual suspects, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization – governmental development organizations themselves.For land use and land rights, development usually entails the formalization, specification and individualization of property rights.

First, while access should be controlled to protected areas – which are often former commons that lost that status during the formalization of property rights in land – the state often does not have the capacity or the will to control access effectively.3” now account for about 25 percent of the country’s agricultural land.In addition, there are extensive concessions regarding forestry, mining and other commercial activity.Although lands used under concessions are regarded as state property, from an economic point of view they have all the characteristics of private property.So where does this fixation on private property come from?From a legal point of view, private property rights grant the possibility to exclude other persons from an asset.They strenuously object to private property regimes that exclude all other forms of property rights because such regimes trample underfoot the manifold commons institutions that have ensured broad access to land and sustainable use for a long time.Governmental development organizations are taking greater notice of this criticism, but some promising conceptual alternatives are beyond the scope so far.This mechanism of appropriation works in favor of the elite.The privatization agenda can succeed only by overcoming the separation of govern­mental powers.In the case of improvements to land, individual owners both pay the costs and receive the benefits.But the same does not hold true for the actual unimproved land because rents and incremental values are privatized, whereas the lion’s share of the related costs is borne by the community.

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