Essay On My School Bag For Class 4

I took it to school, and my friends were happy for me as I had dearly wished for it. My friends soothed me by a small thought so as not to lose hope. Our computer teacher teaches us so nicely, it creates more interest in computer. As it was very dark my brother hit against a table and fell down crying. My white party shoes had shining silver stars which went with the silver dots spangled all over my dress. Well, Eshita had invited many children and there was going to be a lot of music and dance. In the beginning it was fun as I quietly played and chatted with her. I was very careful with the box and tried my best to protect it from falling down so that it does not break. I searched for it in my bag twice but I did not get it. They also shared with me all the things needed by me to finish my work at school. I quickly ran upstairs to my room and I was overjoyed and overwhelmed to see my pencil box on my study table. When I was in Nursery class, I started playing games on computer then my teacher taught me how to type with keyboard. As I grow up and came in class 1, we started typing and colouring using mouse and keyboard. Computer is my favourite subject just because it is sharp and fast. But when I heard the ghost saying that what happened to my sister then I realized that it was not a ghost but my mischievous brother who was practising for his ghost performance in his show at school. I was also scared so I forgot about my brother and went in search of a candle. When I heard his voice I came to know he was not a ghost. I chose a Word Game for Eshita as I knew she loved such games. I was the shy one who could never shake a leg before any one. Then the music began and suddenly everyone was dancing, laughing, eating cake and having cold drinks. The vagueness of the word ‘may’ is classic working party fudge and sounds more desperate than hopeful.Sixteen years after the report expounding its cheery theory about technology relieving the burden of paper carrying, kids still often lug more than the recommended ten percent of body weight.This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising.By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. When I took the delivery box of a five-kilo box, I was shocked when I realised that there was still more to come.

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Perish the thought that members of the Oireachtas lack interest in the day-to-day concerns of us ordinary mortals.A technological revolution has not replaced those sets of heavy textbooks.Some schools have tried to go down the ipad route but that brings a different set of problems.You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. At around that time, the excessive weight of school pupils’ bags surfaced in the letters page of the Irish Times.However, the topic sank without trace, prompting me to wonder whether TDs (or indeed journalists for that matter) have school age children.The technology panacea The writers of the 1998 report naively declared that information technology will solve many of the factors leading to heavy school bags.The report speculates that all of this educational integration ‘may have some impact on the subject of this report in the medium to long term’ without saying exactly how long ‘medium’ and ‘long term’ are.The Minister of Education, schools, publishers and parents could work out a way of lessening the burden.According to the findings of the 1998 report, there will be a brave new world where children’s school bags are as light as feathers as ‘computer workstations, with networking facilities and multi-user capacity will complement “chalk and talk” in interactive learning’.Educational publishers The writers of the report go on to address other possible solutions than IT, including collaboration between teachers and educational publishers.The sting in the tale seems to be that many people have known for years that schoolchildren are potentially suffering damage to their backs, but there is not enough will to find an effective solution.

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