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Good, memorable writing grows from an understanding of what exactly makes writing good, and memorable.Maybe it’s just the English major in me, but I get a sort of buzz from doing this; I could talk books all day.

It’s largely free of the psychological convolution that so thoroughly entangles and frustrates much of his fiction (although of course there’s much subtext to read into).And of all of DFW’s nonfiction, , in my mind, exemplifies the aspects of DFW’s writing that’ve always struck me as most powerful.I’ll focus my reflections on the titular essay of the collection, Wallace’s famous recollection of what it was like going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise.The prose in each chapter varies depending on who’s narrating the chapter; in this way it reminds me of a less arduous impressed upon me the idea that I didn’t have to abide by a linear outline in my writing, and that regardless of how sensuous your sentences are, regardless of how exciting the plot of your story is, a writer can ultimately only impact a reader by connecting with them through their characters.Indeed, what makes work so well — what brings it all together — is the tenderness and humanity that Egan imbues each character with.Then you realized that it came from conviction, their conviction.It was as though some mysterious all-knowing master had given each one a cloak of ugliness to wear, and they had each accepted it without question.”changed the way I think about novels, about the way stories can be told.Additionally, each character is dynamic; each character changes, experiences pain or overcomes the less admirable and more flawed aspects of themselves.Building character has always been something of a deficiency of mine, I think, and “Like all failed experiments, that one taught me something I didn’t expect: one key ingredient of so-called experience is the delusional faith that it is unique and special, that those included in it are privileged and those excluded from it are missing out.”Like many writers, my relationship with David Foster Wallace is fundamentally and necessarily complicated.It’s complicated namely because anytime I read DFW, anytime I wade into the glistening yet pirohanna-filled lake of his freshwater mind, I walk away perhaps subconsciously enthralled in the effort to match his ability and lyrical dexterity in my own writing; of course, in the process, I only manage to mimic it.And mimicry, being inherently disingenuous, almost always results in shitty writing.

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