Essay On Man Line By Line Analysis

I have tried, therefore, to avoid all technicalities and to express my thoughts as clearly and simply as possible.

My critics should, however, be warned that what I could give here is more an explanation and illus- tration than a demonstration of my theory.

A book concerned with psychological, ontological, epistemological questions and containing chapters on Myth and Religion, Language and Art, on Science and History, is open to the objection that it is a mixtum compositum of the most disparate and heterogeneous things.

Without his keen interest in the subject matter of the book and his friendly personal interest in its author I should hardly have found the courage to publish it.

He has read the manuscript several times, and I have always been able to accept his critical suggestions. The dedication has, however, not only a personal but also a "symbolic 1 ’ meaning.

But 1 am also very much indebted to him for many valuable and pertinent remarks regarding the subject matter of the hook.

I did not mean to write a “popular” book on a subject that, in many respects, is resistant to any popularization.

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