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It is his principled and unrelenting personality that earned him the title of ‘Lokmanya’.The tough and fiery journalism of Lokmanya Tilak was instrumental in initiating the movement during pre-independence period for bringing about change in the mental setup of the people.He joined the Anglo-Vernacular School which had renowned teachers. When Bal was just 16 years old, his father passed away. The desire to serve his country was instilled in him by the stories his grandfather told him.Bal was married to a girl named Satyabhama who was 10 years old. He believed that “Religion and practical life are not different.* Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a bright child and very good at mathematics.

His ideas and efforts were carried on by equally worthy next generation of leaders Gandhi ji, Patel, Nehru and others.

* The Deccan Education Society was set up to create a new system that taught young Indians nationalist ideas through an emphasis on Indian culture.

Tilak began a mass movement towards independence that was camouflaged by an emphasis on a religious and cultural revival. * The concept of “Swaraj” was unfamiliar and Tilak thought a good education could promote patriotism.

The step beyond is to serve humanity and the next step is to serve God.” * Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a strong critic of the Western education system, feeling it demeaned the Indian students and disrespected India’s heritage.

He organized the Deccan Education Society with a few of his college friends, including Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, Mahadev Ballal Namjoshi and Vishnu Krishna Chiplunkar whose goal was to improve the quality of education for India’s youth.

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